Network Information

The Delta Dental Networks

The purpose and core satisfaction in your dental benefits plan is founded in the ease and convenience of accessing care. In Missouri and across the nation, Delta Dental's two-tier network system – the Delta Dental PPOsm Network and the Delta Dental Premier® Network – offer the largest proprietary network of participating dentists of any dental benefits plan available. More than 95% of dentists in Missouri participate with Delta Dental.

It is important to understand the value of selecting a dentist in the appropriate Delta Dental network to maximize the value of your dental benefits plan. You will typically spend less money out of your pocket when you receive services from a dentist in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network. Your plan will clearly state if the level of benefits available depends on your dentist participating in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network. You can easily find a dentist online for either the Delta Dental PPOSM Network or the Delta Dental Premier® Network.

Dentists who are in either Delta Dental network will handle all claims, agree to Delta Dental's fee allowances and accept payment from Delta Dental for covered services. You will appreciate the convenience, the reliability and the excellent customer care with your Delta Dental coverage.

You can use your smart phone to find a dentist anywhere.

You can load your ID card with Delta Dental smart phone app, relax and smile for your dentist. Available on Android & Apple.